Thursday, December 19, 2013

Giant Gorg (1984) - Episode 25

With only hours before Austral Island is due to be "erased" with an ICBM strike, things get a bit introspective in the penultimate episode, as we see how all of our different characters react to the coming storm. Also, Manon makes some startling revelations to Yuu, and we learn the details of exactly why Gorg was drawn to him. Plus a truly chilling final cliffhanger, made even more effective by the lack of music this time...

The torrent is here. Direct download link is here.

Also, I have a special request. I know there are probably people who are eagerly awaiting the chance to post a batch torrent of these to BakaBT or elsewhere, but could you do me the favor of holding off for a while? I still have revisions to make on several episodes of the Bro-Lord releases, and many minor revisions to the other episodes as well. I'd been considering the possibility of not releasing episode 26 until all of the other episodes are fully revised, but that seems kind of a crappy thing to do, particularly during a season associated with generosity. So if the rest of you could do me a solid by not releasing a batch just yet, I'd really appreciate it.


  1. Replies
    1. No, none of my releases have softsubs.

    2. With respect to a batch torrent:

      In such a situation, BakaBT might hold up approval of the torrent until all eps have TSHS's name on them. I've seen that happen where a torrent can take as much as 3 - 6 months before it's approved.

    3. That didn't stop them from approving a batch torrent of Cutie Honey with a mix of TSHS and Spork episodes, mere hours after I posted the final episode.

      But what I may do is write a polite message to all of the admins at BakaBT explaining the situation and asking them to hold off on approving such a batch.

  2. love the gorg and many thanks, especially for gekko kamen - finally checked it out after yr. last post of episode three and was thrown head-first into a world of ultimate pain and wonder (excellent!).......any chance now of some more dororo and gegege no kitaro (1968).....the pain of waiting is excruciating!!!!!!!

    1. Good to hear you enjoyed Gekko has a very interesting historical significance as the first tokusatsu television show, and the Mammoth Kong arc that I'm doing is the first appearance of a kaiju (giant monster) in a Japanese television show. Of course even ignoring the significance of those historical firsts, the show is just freaking awesome!

      Obviously I've been pretty busy lately, but new episodes of both Dororo and GeGeGe no Kitaro (1968) are in the works. The black and white Kitaro episode I'm working on (slowly but surely) features the first appearance of Neko Musume (Cat Girl).

    2. Nanto, there's also the 1972 Gekko Kamen anime. I'm surprised you haven't subbed at least one ep of that yet.

      Weren't you also going to do more 1970s Kitarou? You've only done eps 1 - 2 so far.

    3. 1971 GeGeGe no Kitaro - yes, more episodes are coming.

      1972 Gekko Kamen's certainly a possibility at some point.

    4. Gekko Kamen anime? I heard about it. If I remember correctly, it had a Spanish dub and renamed "Centella". Unfortunately, I haven't seen it yet...

    5. Yeah, the Gekko Kamen anime was called "Capitan Centella" in the Spanish dubbed version. I got a couple episodes (one in Japanese, one in Spanish) back in the VHS trading days, but I remember not being particularly impressed with it. Still, who knows, if I get a good quality source in the future I might subtitle an episode or two.