Monday, December 16, 2013

Sukeban Deka II (1985) - Episode 13

Yukino is competing in a national chess tournament taking place at a ski resort hotel, and Saki & Okyo tag along to hit the slopes. Romance is in the air, but unbeknownst to Yukino & Okyo, Saki has received intelligence from Nishiwaki that some sort of disruption at the tournament is being planned by Seiroukai...

The torrent is here. Direct download link is here.

Also, for fans of the infamous Kazama sisters, I hear a rumor that another group may be planning to subtitle Sukeban Deka III in the foreseeable future. Stay tuned...


  1. This was always one my favorite episodes. Skiing action and snow. Great to have subbed copy of it. Thanks, Nanto!

  2. I love the work you're doing with Sukeban Deka II, the '80s were a magic time for Toei's live action shows. The most fun I have is spotting all the JAC people who go on to star in other shows, like the guy from Winspector or one of the gals in Jetman, and so on.

    But a favor? Can you find an alternate site to post these on? Mega is way too picky and unfriendly to Mac users, I haven't been able to d/l this or the previous! ARRGGH.

    Yeah, I know, beggers can't be and so on. Still, you want as many folk turning on to the wondrfulness of this show, right? Don't allow 'computer snobbery' to limit your ambitions! :)

    1. Do you have any suggestions? Sendspace has a limit of 300mb per file, as do most of the free lockers, and the SDII episodes are just over that.

  3. And that was me, Steve. I have no idea what's going on with the comment signing in stuff. Bah.

  4. The current pace of releases is making my head spin.
    Thanks Nanto!

  5. So that upcoming Dororo episode, this Christmas maybe? ;)

  6. It's been 99% ready for months now, I just keep finding really minor things that need fixing and then I get distracted by one of my many other projects. Probably early January at the latest.