Sunday, March 30, 2014

Starzinger movie (1979)

Here's the 22 minute Starzinger movie, in widescreen ToeiScope. This was shown as part of the Toei Manga Matsuri, a semi-annual festival of anime and tokusatsu featurettes that were shown when the kids were on vacation from school (find out more by clicking HERE).

Sometimes these featurettes would just be regular TV episodes cropped and blown up to widescreen 35mm film, but (despite what Anime News Network's encyclopedia page claims) this is not one of those, it's an original Starzinger story not shown on television.

The torrent is here. Direct download link is here. (fixed)

EDIT: Also, here's an easter egg for people who visit my site: the trailer for the movie can be downloaded here.


  1. Kaaaaaaa...





    Wait, wrong anime. xD

  2. Fuck yeah! Did you happen to see Shout! Factory's release of that dub was corny! That goes for the other two S!F released - Gaiking and Danguard...

    1. I don't watch English dubbed anime any's bad for my blood pressure.

      Starzinger, Gaiking and Danguard Ace were dubbed by the same guy responsible for the dub of Tekkaman-THE SPACE KNIGHT!, which is quite corny even by the mediocre standards of English dubbing.

  3. you are super-awesome as usual! thanks fer this and especially the dororo (one of my wishes came true) - still the best fansub site anywhere...........also thanks for the link the poster art book - sure would love to own some of those (especially the akira ones)......

  4. and yes, dubbed anime does cause high blood pressure and heart disease and cancer in us elderly folks.....

  5. By the way, the direct link to download is not the download link, it shows a link to a book called Anime Poster Art. Good read though!

  6. Super and let's not forget Duper!