Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mahou Tsukai Sally (1966) - Episode 46

The class bullies have made things so unpleasant in Sally's classroom that the three class officers all resign at once. Sally, Sumire and Yo-chan decide to offer themselves as candidates to replace them, but then things get a bit complicated...

This is another one of those Sally episodes that starts out as a certain kind of story, but eventually takes a rather touching turn before the episode is over.

The torrent is here. Direct download link is here.

Off topic, I've finally gotten around to starting another blog devoted to some of the other facets of my video collecting hobbies. You can check that out here.


  1. Thanks for another episode of Sally. And your blog post was interesting. Have a good one, Nanto. ^^

  2. I remember watching Sally in my cable tv as a kid in the early 90s (along with such titles like Daimos and Captain Tsubasa). It was rather bad Italian dub with voiceover on top of that but this show was so nice that it didn't bother me. Glad to see that you are working on this true classic and give younger anime watchers opportunity to see where magical girls started.

    Also I don't want to sound rude because I know that you have a lot of work with other series (and I'm again asking for something) but are there any chances that you will be working on Majokko Megu-chan? Or maybe some other group plans to working on it? I know that in 2011 some group made one episode and staled their work. It's a pity because this show is another influential classic anime series and I know that there is a group of anime fans who would like to see it subbed.

  3. I don't mind when people make requests, as long as they're polite about it and they understand that I'm already stretched pretty thin on a lot of projects, and your request certainly ticks both of those boxes. Despite the fact that I'm not a huge fan of magical girl shows (peace and respect to those who are), Majokko Meg-chan actually is on the list of shows that I'd subtitle if I had the time and/or money to do so. If nothing else I'll probably subtitle the first episode at some point, which might inspire some other group to pick it up.

    It's also worth noting that I'm not some kid who gets into subtitling for a few years in college and then moves on. No-one knows for certain how long they will live, but short of some catastrophic event I do plan on continuing to subtitle (along with all my other video related hobbies) for the foreseeable future. It's certainly possible that Meg will be a series I tackle some day if no-one else gets to it first. A lot of my projects are taken on with the thought that (to paraphrase the narrator from Casshan) if I don't do it, who else will?

    1. Majokko Megu-Chan? Funny thing is, I've taken an interest in this show recently. Only thing is I need two things: a J-to-E translator or videos of the Spanish dub (Maggie la Brujita or "Maggie the Little Witch"). If using the Spanish dub (which I can only assume is in Castellano), I will need a TL-checker for that.

      I don't know if the Spanish dub is too heavily edited, but it's worth a shot. (I heard the Italian, French and Polish dubs were edited and had 9 episodes omitted in their respective languages.)

    2. I can get to Chicago, the only thing I need is two things: a car with enough money for gas, or plane tickets. ;-)

    3. LOL, I like your way of thinking, Nanto. :)

    4. Nice to see that there is so much interest in Majokko Megu-Chan :)

      It is correct that Italian dub was edited. Polish version isn't even dub but Italian dub with Polish voiceover (Italian dubbing still can be heard in the background) which script was translated from Italian dub. Edits from Italian dub were also carried over Portuguese dub because this version was adopted from Italian one. French version also has some edits and it was probably also based on Italian version. Taking into account that Spanish dub had Japanese opening and was aired in South America (not sure if it was ever broadcasted in Spain so correct me if I'm wrong) it's possible that was bought directly from Japan and thereby can be more faithful to the original. These omitted episodes probably happened in all versions not only Italian one because in those days anime series were adopted to be kids shows.

      I fully understand your motivation behind translating obscure titles to English. Some time ago it came to me that certain Japanese titles which are known to me and few other people probably will be never translated (either officially or by fans). I felt an urge to do something with that because it would be cool if more people could enjoy them, especially that I know that there is demand for some of these titles. If I manage to learn Japanese on some decent level (which I also plan for few other reasons) I would like to translate some stuff for other people. I know it's long way to go but just like you said there is whole life for that. Working with someone who already knows Japanese is another option that I take into account. Anyways it's something that will be waiting on my life goal list for appropriate moment.

    5. @zer0Phi
      Best of luck on your endeavors to learn Japanese. I'm always on the lookout for more volunteer translators. Even if it takes you 6-10 years to get the proficiency needed to translate TV episodes, please get in contact with me then...I plan on continuing to subtitle for as long as I'm alive.

    6. @Nanto
      Thanks. Sure if I manage to learn Japanese on some sufficient level I will contact with you.

  4. I'm trying to learn as well, so maybe I'll get in contact with you too if I end up being up to the task. :)