Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sukeban Deka II (1985) - Episode 17

Nishiwaki assigns Saki to investigate Nakayama Osamu, a former member of Seiroukai with a genius level IQ. In the course of her investigation Saki discovers that the boy is planning to assassinate Kage no Soto, using a complex plot involving a radio controlled car loaded with dynamite.

The torrent is here. Direct download is here.

What do you guys think of the new ending theme, "Monument of Sadness?" It's really good in my opinion.

Thanks again to Phillip S, aardvark and Charles L. for their help!

Reminders: scanlations of Wada Shinji's original manga are being done by HappyScans!, check out their site here. The first 15 episodes of the original Sukeban Deka TV series (loosely based on that manga) have been subtitled by Skewed Studios, check out their site here.

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  1. Thank you for your great work, guys! The world would be a much darker place without subbed yoyo extravaganza =)

  2. 'monument of sadness' is actually how i found out about this show, from one of yoko's best of albums. one of my favourite songs of all time. when she sings it live she has these so slight but so powerful hand movements during the 'umi wa kawarazu..." that excite me like little else.

    and thank you so much for subbing this. and for not giving up on it. i've not said that yet. it's one of the few things i live for. wow that sounds morbid and depressing, but i mean every time a new episode is done it just makes me so happy. honestly one of my favourite tv shows of all time, and you're the one's bringing it to me!

    1. That could be misinterpreted as being morbid and/or depressing if I took it the wrong way, but I think you did a good job of explaining it so people would understand what you meant.

      I'm actually quite aware of how much Sukeban Deka II means to a lot of people, not just to devoted fans in Japan but in the US and the rest of the world as well. I've really been enjoying being able to share subtitled episodes with people in the English speaking world, and it's always great hearing comments from people that are being made happy by watching it.

      And yeah, Monument of Sadness is just amazing. My friend Accius (the original translator on the first four episodes of SDII that I subtitled in the 1990s) was nice enough to send me a compilation disc with various songs from all three series, and that song blew me away on the very first listen.

    2. There is something very fascinating in Sukeban Deka j-dramas that makes you want more. Take Sukeban Deka manga's very cool premise of tough delinquent girl with soft side and strong sense of justice, combine it with idols, j-pop and you will get killing combination. It's so addicting that no wonder that so many people are devoted to this series. Also for me there is another big factor, namely Sukeban Deka's 80s vibe. It's very exciting to watch show which more or less portrays 80s Japan (even though I know that there are better sources for that than j-dramas). It's almost like a trip to the past by time machine to see how Japan was different from nowadays but also how many things were basically the same. Because of that I'm very grateful that you keeps subbing this show. As for new ending theme it's my favorite song, not only from SD II but from all three series. Anyways my top 3 songs from SD II era would be as follows:
      1. Monument of Sadness
      2. Sayonara no Memai (probably tie with "Rakuen no Door" if we count Sukeban Deka: The Movie)
      3. Virgin Heart

      And about your new blog, sure I will be checking it regularly.

      btw Something messed up when I posted my previous comment so I deleted it.

  3. OK. My taqke on this. I love this drama, and believe me, I really appreciate you subbing it for us. Nanno is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen, and has kept her looks. Also she was born a few weeks before me, which means I can fawn over her with impunity!!

    As for the songs mentioned by the other posters, I don't really know which is which, but I like the first ED, the Lonely Girl song and the vid that went with it.

    The story is great, and a bit bizarre at times, but like a lot of j-drama so different to the crap we get in the UK, that although it's nearly 30 years ago, it's still not really dated.

    Again thank you very very much for brightening up a pretty dull existence.

  4. "Monument of Sadness" is pretty cool, but the first ending theme has a slightly snappier beat in the choruses. Both songs are fine by me.

    What is title of the first ending theme song or have I been sleepy through the end credits?

    1. The first ED song was called "Storm of Why?", although I don't think I ever remembered to mention that in the subtitles.

      The third and final ED song is called "Madrigal of the Wind", and you can hear a bit of it in the translator's notes for my 1990s subtitle of episodes 1-4. The background image is a scan of the laserdisc cover:

      I like all three songs in different ways, although if I had to pick a favorite it would be the second.